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After that faint abdominal discomfort stirring me in the early hours, I breifly maintained a vain hope that it was only hunger, as I'd skipped dinner.... Like I said, vain hope. Over the balcony at day break I took more notice than I had in previous days, of the veggies being delivered to the resturant next door. They have an easy system in place for the deliveries. The individual veggies are counted off the truck onto the road at the end of the alley.....

The local sewer has had a bit of trouble coping with the weekend increase, but the roads and pavements cope very well as a backup system, and the street coffee shop workers sweep the majority of the liquid along towards the next road, throw a few buckets of sawdust on the wettest patches, and set out the tables for the evening coffee and shisha smoking sessions.

Anyway, all that said, be careful what you eat, you don't always see how it has been handled.

It has been a quieter day today in the menu department for me.


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sunny 30 °C

Thanks for the messages. No steven the camels name was not michael Jackson but good to surf on and we need someone over here to sort out all the corruption. The guides had to pay off five different police men in two hours, terrible !!! The tipping culture paves the way for bribery and corruption. A real eye opener.

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A few pics from today. Some of these scenes would have been familiar to Jesus during his childhood growing up in Egypt

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We love it

We just popped out for dinner, a short walk 40 metres to the nearest restaurant and the fastest, biggest, nicest, cheapest meal that we have ever encountered. A whole roast chicken, 3 plates of rice, bowl of potato casserole, a bowl of beans, a bowl of vegetables, a bowl of fries, and as much Egyptian bread as you want (which wasn't much)
oh and more chilled water than the four of us could finish. The meal cost LE 51.75 which is NZD 13.30 .........

We love Cairo

Even the ants love it, they grow bigger here than anywhere else we've ever seen ants. A few were trying to carry off half a whittakers peanut slab when we got back.

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Yep we got your message. Tell Lisa got her emails, just can't reply to them

Cheers, Marty

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