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Made it

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45 hrs to our hostel on the opposite side of the globe. Not bad really. Abu Dhabi was an interesting airport, sort of like a big tiled cave, with archways all around the sides, plenty of people going in different directions around the world, home base for Etihad Airways who run the best and cheapest airline in the world. Another traveller told us the guy that owns Etihad is the brother of the guy who owns Emirates Airlines. The start of the middle eastern culture shock for a family of kiwi farmers. Cairo airport is a bit harder to navigate through, only really because of the language barrier and maybe our shyness towards blokes with Ak 47s over their arms. We recommend the Nubian Hostel, great service, friendly staff, good location. We walked along to The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities this morning ten minutes if you don't stop to get hussled by shop keepers. We love the middle east. Advice for Cairo airport arrivals. You get picked up from your plane by bus and dropped at the terminal, as you walk in go straight ahead to the bank booths and buy your visa( us $15) then go in to the main arrival hall to the immigration desk
on the right and give them your visa and passport they process that, then you can go through the border station and get your bags. Sounds easy but took us an hour and our pickup nearly left without us.

Cheap food here, 4 aish breads cost 1 EJP which is about 25c NZ.

22 million people in this town, it goes non stop day and
82 million in Egypt. 15 million are Christians, 62 million are Muslims, 5 million of other beliefs.

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On our way


It's taken plenty of work, not all by us, to get to this stage in our plans. Many thanks to y'all who have made it possible for us to get away.

Congrats again to Nat and Julez what an awesome couple, was a real privelage to be involved in your big day.

We're off tomorrow morning, our packs are bulging with gear and it will be good to get them stowed onboard and underway.

We'll try to figure out how to upload photos from the iPhone to keep thing up to date.

That'll do for now, Marty

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We're outa here

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Hi to all. March 29 we're off ex Auckland for Cairo. Our journey is broken into three bits, Auckland to Melbourne, 8 hrs layover then on to Abu Dhabi, 3 hr stop then over to Cairo.

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